Hello! How are you?

We’re Ragu and Deepak, and we’ve got a story to share about our journey together! We’ve been buddies for a while now, and we share this incredible passion for photography. So, we thought, why not turn our passion into something more? That’s how 2MM Pictures came to life – our very own freelancing adventure! But wait, there’s more to the story. We didn’t just stop at taking photos. Nope, we discovered a knack for creating awesome videos too, ones that really tell a story. We’re all about capturing those moments that matter. We’re always excited to learn new things and improve our skills because cameras and creativity are our jam. Our big goal? To give you top-notch photography without breaking the bank. Affordable quality is what we’re all about. So, join us on this exciting ride, where friendship, passion, and great shots come together at 2MM Pictures!

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